After the abortion: What happens after an abortion?

Importantly, it is now a safe contraceptive to use since a new pregnancy soon after an abortion is possible.

Cost of abortion

Abortions are generally paid with an indication of the statutory health insurance.

Cost of abortions after the counselling regulation must each bear. However, this applies only to the intervention as such. The cost before and after the abortion, however, be paid in full. One has to count to 500 €, which you must carry in itself about with costs for 350 €.

In low-income and abortions will be refunded after the counselling regulation. A request must be made in the statutory health insurance prior to the termination (even for private patients).

In summary it can be said that you should set well apart with the topic before making this decision but not unimportant. For this, the consultation is a good opportunity, as well as a conversation with the attending gynaecologist. Weighing all arguments against each other well from around the decision to be sure and then make the right decision for them. Glad true hope at least, that an abortion should have no negative impact on future pregnancies.

What complications can occur?

As is written on only a few women are instrumental to the demolition health complications. In rare cases, there is bleeding or inflammation. If heavy bleeding, pain, fever over 38.5 ° C or bad smelling discharge occur, you should consult a doctor. When inflammation is not cured quickly and completely, can cause adhesion of the fallopian tubes. This could affect the subsequent fertility. Very rarely, there is a violation of the uterus.

In a medical abortion can cause nausea, vomiting, pain and bleeding.

What happens after an abortion?
Women should in any case to a safe contraceptive recourse. Was the intervention complications, pregnant women can be quite normal again afterwards?

In some women, however, occurred after the abortion to mental problems. Especially if the abortion to external pressure or not at his own request was held or women are not quite sure about having children. Do not be afraid to seek help. Ask your gynecologist, who can also provide you with addresses for psychological counseling.