Abortion: Some important issues

Expiration of abortion

First, it must in any case be determined whether there is a pregnancy; this can be by means of a gynecological examination to determine the gynecologist. The woman doctor is also a good contact to get information about a possible termination of pregnancy; it can also explain the legal situation. In particular, it can determine how long the pregnancy is.

Depending on the indication is now mandatory to complete a consultation to get a counseling certificate. In any case, that a physician who has determined an indication must not abort the pregnancy itself.
Abortions by suction (instrumental)

The most common method of abortion in Germany is the instrumental method, which is carried out by means of suction. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia and usually takes less than 10 minutes. Using a thin needle is extracted the existing pregnancy tissue.

The surgery is usually an outpatient procedure, so you can then go back home soon. However, it is recommended to be able to have a few days of rest.

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Abortions by drug (mifepristone)

Mifepristone is the active ingredient. The intake has been approved in Germany under strict medical supervision. The active ingredient of the abortion pill blocks the body’s own progesterone, while the cervix opens, there will be bleeding and the pregnancy cannot continue.

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After two days the woman is prostaglandin administered, resulting usually within a few hours to expel the embryo and thus end the pregnancy. This method may, however, be carried out only up to the ninth week. 95% of all abortions by medication (abortion pill) are successful; the rest tissues are removed by means of instrumental method for the remaining needs.

Complications of abortion

For both methods (extraction or abortion pill) occurs only in a few cases to health problems. In some cases, it may cause bleeding or inflammation. Should any unforeseen physical discomfort, it is advisable to contact a doctor. Statistically, there is no evidence that abortion has increased mental health problems result.

This also applies to existing conflicts of conscience. However, the existing data situation is quite controversial, so there may be variations in individual cases. Sometimes it comes in stronger emotional problems, which are best treated.

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