Abortion: Conditions for termination of a pregnancy

An abortion is only permitted within the first 12 weeks after fertilization. Here is what is required:

• Participation in a crisis pregnancy counseling
• Presentation of a certificate of participation in a crisis pregnancy counseling issued by a recognized counseling center
• Between the need counseling and termination of pregnancy must be an interval of at least three days
• The intervention may to be only by a doctor

Crisis pregnancy counseling

The advice of a possible abortion is absolutely required. However, it does not matter which of the approved counseling centers are visited, as all are obliged to advise following the same guidelines. The consultation is free and strictly confidential; you can even remain anonymous and at no time obliged to give his name. In the detailed discussion it comes to determine why an abortion is desired, also the consultant tried to work out possible solutions that could contribute to a continuation of the pregnancy. It is but it exercised no compulsion. The pregnant woman decides for himself what is right for her.

Counseling certificate of participation in the crisis pregnancy counseling

After the consultation has ended, each participant will receive a counseling certificate. This cannot be denied, no matter how expired the previous week. The certificate no information on the consultation be noted. It contains only those names and the corresponding date.

Can to stay anonymous you can also issue the certificate of another employee, which has no information about the call.

Abortion by medical indication

The indication is present when the continuation of pregnancy could endanger the life or physical or mental health of the woman seriously. This applies also when to serious harm to the child is to be expected. The physician determines the indication; a further consultation is not required.

Abortion by criminological indication

This indication is when a pregnancy on a rape is due. This is statistically isolated cases (20 to 30 per year), but could be a number of stakeholders can be found in the statistics without indication (counseling regulation) again, as many may not want to report their rape, but nevertheless want an abortion.

The termination of pregnancy is allowed only within the first 12 weeks after fertilization. Termination of pregnancy with criminological indication is not illegal. The doctor determines the indication; again, no further guidance is required.